Thursday, October 23, 2008

Purse Hangers

I finally found a solution to keep my bags off the dirty floor while I'm out dining in a resto.
Thank you for the one who invented the purse hangers!
You can choose from a wide range of designs fromt the website. This could actually be a good idea for a bridal shower favor right?
Girls could just hang this on the table and hook their bag on it.
Great great idea i must say!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NKOTB Concert

Hi! I just want to share some pictures taken from the NKOTB concert held last night, Sept. 23 at the IZOD (formerly known as the Continental Airlines Arena) Arena in Rutherford, NJ. Can I just say that my husband was really nice that he went with me to see the concert? haha. He was actually surprised to see so many women at a given time! Anyways hope you can relate.
Being a huge fan of NKOTB, i was really happy to see them back and complete on stage! They sang the songs from way back and they even did the same dance steps! All the fans were really into them that night! I was dancing for two hours!!!!!!
Soooo happy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yuri's first day in school

Yesterday was Yuri's first day in school and he was sooo excited! He got up early even if he attends the PM class. He did his Kumon Math and had his bfast and Lunch then got all his stuff. Of course we took a picture of him even when we arrived in the school. I just noticed, since this is the first time for me to send a son to school, that some kids would bring a small present for his/her teacher? Someone gave a box of choco and two other little girls handed her apples. What was that for anyways? Oh well we didn't bring one so sorry, hehe.
I was glad that Yuri didn't go through all the crying-and-won't-let-go-of-mommy syndrome. He was pretty relaxed and just got in line as soon as the teacher gathered all the kids outside. As he was entering the school hall, I was still taking pictures of him. It was actually a mixed feeling of happiness and at the same time trying to absorb that my son is really a grown up kid!
But today was another story. Yuri was supposed to start riding his school bus on Monday because I still want to enjoy taking him to school and see how he manages with everything. But this morning he told me and his dad that he wants to ride the bus because it's fun! Me and my husband just looked at each other and couldn't do anything else but say yes. So okay, I'm thinking maybe because there are kids there and he want to play and make friends already which is fine right? But the sad part is maybe he doesn't want to hang out with us anymore? Am I being paranoid or something?
Can't wait for my son to arrive soon! Until tomorrow! Bye!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stella Luna Shoes

As I was watching a noon time show yesterday, the female host gave a nice comment on how beautiful the shoes were on one of the female celebrity guests . She was wearing a Stella Luna shoes that she got from Bangkok. Pretty nice though, i must say. So i checked out the internet to look where i could get this. To my dismay, they don't have it here yet in the U.S. Look how cute they are....
I really hope that there's a way for me to order online. Any suggestions?

First day of school dilemma

Tomorrow is my eldest son's first day in school. He's now in Kindergarten. I just remember sending him for the first time in day care. Oh boy it was a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. But of course i not to show him any sadness because he might feel the same, right?
Anyways, on the other hand, i was pretty excited of getting him his school supplies! As i was going through the list of supplies for Pre-K and Kindergarten, I was surprised to see different kinds of coloring materials such as crayon, colored pencils, water color, and colored markers?! But i got them all anyways. Yuri was of course pretty surprised when i got home with all the stuff. He didn't realize that I was gonna get him all those stuff for school! As soon as he saw everything, the got his Transformers backpack and put all his school supplies inside. Wow, time flies sooo fast! I really can't believe that I already have a son in Kindergarten. blogs