Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school dilemma

Tomorrow is my eldest son's first day in school. He's now in Kindergarten. I just remember sending him for the first time in day care. Oh boy it was a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. But of course i not to show him any sadness because he might feel the same, right?
Anyways, on the other hand, i was pretty excited of getting him his school supplies! As i was going through the list of supplies for Pre-K and Kindergarten, I was surprised to see different kinds of coloring materials such as crayon, colored pencils, water color, and colored markers?! But i got them all anyways. Yuri was of course pretty surprised when i got home with all the stuff. He didn't realize that I was gonna get him all those stuff for school! As soon as he saw everything, the got his Transformers backpack and put all his school supplies inside. Wow, time flies sooo fast! I really can't believe that I already have a son in Kindergarten. blogs

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